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Thermabin Junior Dividers are very popular for small parts storage and subdividing the larger corrugated bins. We carry two sizes, the 412J that’s approximately 3 ¾” wide x 3 7/8”long and the 212J that’s 1 ¾” wide x 3 ¾” long. Both the 412J and the 212J have front lips that are 2 ½ ” high and a back that is 4 ¼ “ high. They are both designed to fit inside the corrugated bins OR to be used by themselves. These are made of stiff, single ply cardboard. The 412J comes 275 per box and the 212J comes 300 per box.

Thermabin Junior Bin Dividers are made with a “full fold over” back which adds durability and keeps the bins structure locked tight while in use.  Many of our competitors have a self-locking back which saves on material BUT doesn’t maintain a tight, secure lock.

All of our bins are in stock and can be shipped immediately.

We offer attractive distributor pricing for those customers who desire to offer Thermabin Juniors as part of their own product selection.


Junior Bin boxes are listed according to the following criteria when it comes to numbering

  • Thermabin Juniors come in two sizes to further divide and organize parts within a bin. They fit inside the corrugated bin and come in two sizes; 4 x 4 and 2 x 4.

Therm-Nat Junior Bin Price List