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Custom made bin boxes – The Therm-Nat advantage:

Therm-Nat has been very successful designing and supplying CUSTOM made corrugated bins for special applications and sizes. From ultra heavy duty double wall large bins of different sizes to smaller, lighter custom bins we have satisfied our clients that have unusual or non-standard needs for a new or old installation. We can sample styles and sizes to you if you have a new application where our stock bins just aren’t meeting your needs.  Please call us or fill out our request form so we can help you with your shelving bin requirements.

ThermNat warehouse bins

Large and small bin boxes for maximum shelf organization:

Thermabin stock shelving bins are made of 200# test material which is significantly heavier than many of our competitors’ 32 ECT grade material. 200# material weighs up to 20% more than the lighter, cheaper 32 ECT.  Don’t settle for inferior, lighter material.

Thermabins are made with a “full fold over” back which adds considerable strength and keeps the bins from popping open when loaded. Many of our competitors have a self locking back which saves on material BUT doesn’t lock nearly as firmly and securely.

All of our bins are in stock and can be shipped immediately.

We offer attractive distributor pricing for those customers who desire to offer Thermabins as part of their own product selection.

Custom sizes, color coated or printed Thermabins or other cartons are available if you have a need for them.